Friday, August 05, 2005


We have just started rehersals and things are proceeding as planned.
Here is one of the postcard images for the show:

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Anonymous said...

I am an actor in this show, but I am choosing to be anonymous. Why? Because I really can't stand Shakespeare! In high school and in my twelve or so years of being a professional actor, I've been told that the Bard is the greatest thing since manna and I am SICK of it. The only reason I am even performing in this show is because the playwite-Andy Grigg, or something- apparently hates the Big Bill more than I do. I can't wait for Lord Capulet to get his 17th century brains sucked out in Romeo and Juliet: The Apocalypse. Because that's how I felt when I read the damn play as a tenth grader. I'm sure there will be some yahoo in the cast, or even the director himself that will say something smary like, "But what about the poetic language and just the sheer scale of Shakespeare's body of work. He's a genius and needs to be revered!" And I say, "Fie and double fuck!" But I suppose in the spirit of fair and balanced reporting that I can't be to down on William. After all, in a twisted sense of irony, he is putting bread on my table, even if I am just lampooning the dude. So, if you feel in any way like I do, come and help take a bite out of the Bard at the Fringe. And if you don't feel like I do, I sure would like to talk to you about it civily after the show. Until then, I remain..